Winter rates

PeriodStudioOne-bedroom apartmentTwobedrooms apartment
15.09.2023 - 31.05.2024DA 700DA 850DA 1300

- On the day of arrival the apartments are available from 11 am. Upon check-in the following are required: identity document; for registration with the Public Security, monthly payment; in progress, municipal tourist tax, deposit of Euro 300.00 to guarantee any damage and non-payment.
- The carpark is available free of charge (one parking space for each apartment) with the obligation to park in order and occupying only one place. And it is forbidden to park and park bicycles or scooters in front of the entrance. 
- The access of dogs or other animals IS NOT PERMITTED for long period stayng.
- Do not have laundry hanging and hang clothes on the balconies.
- And have behaviors that can disturb other guests.
- In case of overnight stay of family or friends the Management is obligatory, and the visitor is also required; required to leave an identity document and to correspond of € 20 per person and of the tourist tax as an amount according to the municipal regulation.
- Customers will be responsible for any damage caused by their guests.
- The minimum notice allowed for the release of the apartment is; of at least 10 days, otherwise it will come; withholding the deposit.
- Upon departure the apartment will have to; be returned with the same equipment received. If there are dishes to wash and garbage will come; withdrawn the amount of € 50.00 from the deposit, due to the smell of smoke in the apartment will come; withdrawn the amount of € 100.
- The loss of the badge (key card) entails a cost of € 10 each.
- The customer undertakes not to apply for residency.